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Critical update:
Operation Pink Emergency 

April 13, 2022

Operation Pinkbus is raising money and buying emergency vehicles to evacuate wounded and disabled women, children, and eldery.

In the early days of the Ukrainian invasion, an eclectic group of people from 10 countries and led by Natacha Merritt and Adnan Selimovic funded and delivered 13 minivans deep into the warzone for evacuation of the most vulnerable populations--young children, orphans, people with disabilities, immobile persons, and bedridden hospital patients.

Our vans are still on the road. And evacuations are continuing. We are determined to continue to supply the means for transport. Please contact us for any vehicle needs in UA, or if you would like to donate to our mission.


Cash raised for vehicles:


Number of nations in coalition:


Buses in circulation:


Total journeys:

59 trips/day average (621 journeys total)

Number of people evacuated from warzones:


Number of organizations funded:


Guerrilla operation cost:


Last updated: 28/3/2022


Over the course of 12 days, we were able to create a logistical chain leading in and out of Ukraine, which ties humanitarian organizations on the ground in Ukraine to one another, regional resource centers, and the new locations of provision in Poland and Lithuania.

Besides providing the vehicles, we also made sure that organizations operating in the space at the critical junctures from initial evacuation to safety were well-funded and prepared to receive the evacuees.

Operation Pinkbus is deeply proud to support Nikolai Koleba's evacuation mission in the Northeastern sector. We have provided Koleba with 6 minivans to enable his team to evacuate more people from Chernihiv, Buscha, and the region above Kharkhiv.

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