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Operation Pink Emergency - DAY 0

Hello everyone,

When Operation Pinkbus was completed, Natacha and I didn't stop working. We have figured out a way to raise millions for direct Ukrainian humanitarian assistance, but we need at least four weeks to finalize everything. I will speak about this at a later time. But, at this moment, there is a need for urgent action for which I need you all.

The situation is this: the Russian forces are consolidating what's left of them and focusing on the east, southeast, and south. Since completing the operation Pinkbus, we have continued to supply evacuation and humanitarian aid transport vehicles as well as provide safe passage for other organizations' humanitarian efforts. We have sent more vehicles to Kiev, Odesa, and Kharkhiv. I have been monitoring the situation, and as with last time, I think it's time to roll up our sleeves again. Once again, what happened up north is happening in the south. Kharkhiv is under heavy bombardment--since the northern incursion, it had served as a refugee gathering point.

When we completed our mission, it was difficult to let go, but we did. And the Ukrainians were grateful for our immediate and direct action. It looks like the war will be over soon, but in the meantime there is a last ditch effort that will cost a lot of civilian lives. For the weeks since our operation allies, the people we have been helping on the ground as well as some new organizations that cover the new territory, the Ukrainians have been trying to raise enough money to buy ambulances. There are too many wounded and disabled children, women, and eldery people that cannot be evacuated by minivans...

We are going to help Nikolai Koleba team get 10 ambulances over the next two weeks. It's urgent, and should take precendent over care amenities, even though I wholeheartedly understand the material urgency across the board.

We have found a supplier from Spain that has 63 vehicles on the lot, and offers at 40K euros a piece. We're also actively following up on other leads in Poland, Germany, and UK. Because of COVID preps, there is a large surplus of these vehicles we can get our hands on. That's priority number one.

Priority number two is to raise funds for direct purchase of medical goods for field hosptials right outside of the eastern corridor for the immediate treatment of civilians. We have concrete list gathered and maintained by organizations on the ground.

The last priority for this mission is to reinforce the financials for a couple of organizations currently critical in the supplying of emergency materials and nourishment to the very eastern sector. In Kharkhiv and Odesa.

If we do this now, we can help the Ukrainians save more lives while there is more time, and while we can avoid the loss simply by supplying them with the means. The fighting might have easied in the north, but the level of destruction is immense and it's only now that the more serious cases can be evacuated. I have scores of video from our various vans on the ground, and in due time I will share some with you in these updates.

We have a non-profit organization Compound Eyes Foundation behind out efforts. They will serve as the donation gathering fund so that Natacha and I are not stuck with a 60% tax bill on the cash purchases this time.

If you want to help us in any way, please call me at +33(0)605798004. I will provide the wiring information shortly.


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